Moved my baby brother in at college today and I’m so sad cause he’s growing up and I love him so much and I want him to need his big sis (me) 4ever but I’m so happy for him cuz he is the coolest kid ever and he’s gonna have the best fuckin time in college and he is gonna do the damn thing so p much I have mixed emotions so I’m just going to cry c ya

I want to find someone that is in my every day life that I find suuuuper attractive and can stare at all the time is that too much to ask

i don’t want this summer to be over i don’t want to start school again i want to keep traveling and working festivals and seeing my friends and im just going to crawl into a hole until insects eat my entire body and i am no more


Latch - Disclosure Coverย 

I havenโ€™t posted a cover in a year so i figured it was time for a new one. Thank you for being so patient and thank you to the sweet anon person who suggested i cover this song. I hope you enjoy it.

i love ellas voice ok

I got home today from being on the road for a month and I miss my little traveling family already. So many beautiful memories this summer that I wish I could relive.

When you’re on the road all summer with the same people you need a bae

IS IT WEIRD THAT I’m swooning hard over this kid I work with because he has an eye that’s half blue half brown and it makes me feel some type of way???


hey tbt to when I surprised Allison at Purdue :-) and hid in the trunk of likeasleepyhead's car and emerged like a beautiful butterfly

a beautiful sweaty butterfly

but you would be sweaty too if you were stuffed into a trunk wearing a gray sweatshirt surprising a girl you were borderline creepy obsessed with

My favorite little babies :»